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Life @ IIRM Hostels

The residential complex consists of Hostels for Boys & Girls built separately, a Canteen for 24 x 7 catering services, few essential Quarters for the staff of the Institute, recreation facilities, etc. For the safety & security of the inmates, the entire residential complex is under the surveillance of 24 x 7 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

The Institute’s Hostels for Boys & Girls are spread over an area of about 2 Acres. Both the hostels have a three-storeyed structure each. The ground floors of respective hostels consist of the Hostel Administrator / Warden’s Office, Common room, Gymnasium, Laundry facility, Tea/Coffee dispensers, etc.


To ensure proper catering arrangements, the Canteen has its own Kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with modern & automatic equipment, thus ensuring a high level of hygiene and also higher output of quality.

The canteen is kept open at specific times and the same are displayed in the Notice Boards. At all times, students are advised to follow the instructions displayed at the Canteen for them to avail of the catering facilities.

The Catering services are rendered by a registered Catering Contractor who is selected after proper scrutiny and the contract is for the full year.

Recreation facilities within the Hostel

For the benefit of the students, there are limited recreation facilities including few indoor games and also some reading materials. While enjoying the facilities so provided, students are advised to keep in view that there are several other inmates who would be using the same.

Sports and Recreation Facilities
  • Access to the sports zones is only for hostellers. Students are advised to show their ID cards where required.
  • The Institute has installed equipment for several games, both outdoor & indoor, and also for other extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to use these in the manner described. Some of the facilities are :
    • Badminton, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, etc.
    • Carom, Chess, Gym, etc.
  • In addition to the above, the Campus has outdoor Gym facilities for both Boys & Girls.
Medical Facilities
  • All the students are covered by the Group Mediclaim Policy of New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
  • Institute has arrangements with nearby Continental Hospital for all emergencies.
  • On a regular basis, a Resident Medical Doctor is available at the Institute for consultation.
Wi-Fi facilities

The Institute provides free Wi-Fi facilities and students can access their mails and other academic information.

Water & Electricity
  • The Institute has both municipal sources of water supply and also its own sources of supply. The Institute’sRO plant facilities ensure the clean water supply at all times to the Campus.
  • Apart from electric supply from the State Electricity Board, the Institute has its own Generators/ Invertors / UPS systems providing uninterrupted power supply to the Campus and the equipment inside.
Hot water facilities

Solar Hot water facilities are installed at the Hostels and students are advised to be prudent in usage, keeping in view the requirements of the other inmates of the Hostels.

Water Dispensers/Coolers and Tea/Coffee Vending machines

For the benefit of the inmates, Water Coolers / Dispensers are installed at designated corners at the Hostels. Also, Tea & Coffee vending machines are installed and the inmates can avail of the same at nominal costs. Students are required to maintain the needed sense of decorum befitting a place of higher education.

Laundry Facilities

The Institute has installed modern laundry facilities at the Hostels. In addition, a laundryman visits the Hostels on a regular basis and at specified timings. His services are available on a payment basis. For more information in regard to laundry services, students are advised to follow the Notice Boards.

Litter and Dustbin facilities

Inmates of the Hostels are advised to observe all that is required to be followed so that they enjoy a litter and infection-free environment. In addition to normal dustbin facilities, there are special facilities for Girl students and they are advised to utilize the same.

Due to the fact that the Campus has been constructed newly, there are possibilities that pests like rats and hazardous animals like snakes may find sanctuary in some areas of the Campus especially if food items are thrown indiscriminately all round. Inmates are advised to ensure litter (especially food items) free places for the safety of one and all.

Lift arrangements

The lifts installed in the Hostels are meant for physically challenged persons and some inmates who might need to use the same for medical reasons. Regular students are advised to use only the stairs for their movements.


The hostel is treated as an extension of the Institute and the rules of the hostel are applicable to all the occupants. All instructions/notices displayed on the Notice Boards of the Hostels / Institute campus will be deemed to have been served and read by the hostel residents/students and any excuse of not being aware of these rules will not be entertained. Students are advised to apprise themselves regularly of the information/circulars/orders issued by the Institute from time to time from the Notice Boards placed in the Hostels and also in other places of the Campus.